Company profile

The INCONA Company was established in 2010 by a group of professionals with many years of experience in Russia and Gulf region. INCONA has offices in Moscow and Dubai.

INCONA is now an international company providing a full range of consulting services for entrepreneurs in both Russia and UAE. We closely cooperate with Russian and Emirati governmental and business institutions in order to develop strong and fruitful partnership and help our clients to prosper from their business. INCONA is working with leading public and private companies represented among various economic sectors.
INCONA is a member of the Russia–UAE Intergovernmental Commission on Trade, Economic and Technical Cooperation.

Managing Partner of INCONA Alexey Busev is the Chairman of the Russia – UAE Commission on Economic Cooperation of Moscow Chamber of Commerce. Moscow Chamber is the largest business association in Moscow. It unites over 3200 companies representing various segments and sectors of economy
INCONA is a member of Export Development Committee under the All-Russia Public Organization «Business Russia» (Delovaya Rossiya) – a union that brings together around 3000 entrepreneurs from 71 regions and 88 industrial unions.
We also have our own well-established business links with over 30 of Russian regions.

In UAE we enjoy well-established partnership with major companies from the oil-and-gas, energy, construction and other sectors of economy. INCONA cooperates with governmental representatives and authorities from the UAE, Emirates administrations, management of major governmental companies and investment funds.

Our fundamental activities are:
• Providing financial, marketing, legal and foreign trade consulting services to our clients, including any type of research (market research, competitive analysis, inquiry into standards and regulations, etc.);
• Selecting partners and organizing business negotiation in both Russia and UAE;
• Organizing business missions and promotion campaign;
• Assisting in selecting investment projects and investment partners in Russia;
• Other services.