INCONA held a webinar “Challenges and opportunities for Russian companies in the Gulf countries’ markets”

12 September 2012

Business webinar “Challenges and opportunities for Russian companies in the Gulf countries’ markets” was held 11 September 2012. Webinar was held by INCONA company and Russian Agency, supporting o small and medium business. The main purpose of the webinar was promotion of russian companies in the Gulf countries’ markets.

Webinar was attended by representatives of Russian companies from Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara and by regional centers, supporting export-oriented enterprises. Webinar was held by managing partner of INCONA company, Alexey Busev.
In his speech he told about economic potential of the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf and about opportunities for Russian business in the UAE. He noted that all countries of the Gulf region are included in the common customs, electricity and transport union. A. Busev told about the main advantages of doing business in the UAE (preferential taxation, advantageous location, status of a regional economic centre, political stability and high level of life).

A. Busev also observed sectors and industry of the UAE with high level of demand for Russian manufacturers’ products. He emphasized such sectors as: electric power industry, information technologies, machinery and equipment, water treatment, chemical industry, etc. A. Busev A.Busev paid special attention to main problems which Russian companies face while joining the market of the United Arab Emirates. He noted that Russian companies do not have international certificates and licenses which are necessary for working in foreign countries. Besides, Russian companies aren’t ready to show financial data for audit. Another important problem is the language barrier.
Managing partner of INCONA Company told about the main services that the company is ready to provide for companies that wish to integrate in the UAE and other Gulf countries markets. He also told about main advantages which can be obtained by foreign companies which join the UAE market.

In the end of the webinar A.Busev answered the questions of Russian companies’ representatives. The main questions were about administrative regulation in the United Arab Emirates, marketing opportunities of certain products types of Russian companies in the UAE and distinctive peculiarities of customs regulation.