Market Research

Market research is an essential step before entering a new market. INCONA carries out comprehensive studies with deep analysis of competitive landscape, current prices, market volume, legal requirements for importing products to Russia and/or other countries of the Eurasian Economic Union or setting up business in these territories.

In 2022, INCONA conducted 28 researches in such fields as: Food, FMCG, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Information Technology, Hospitality & Tourism, Education, Logistics & Transport and others.

Our researchers cover different aspects of doing business in Russia, including:

  • Data about main competitors;
  • Pricing mechanisms and structures;
  • Possible business models to work in the local market;
  • Analysis of a database of potential partners and clients

Contents of a market research depend on the demands of clients and types of products. Each business segment is being elaborately studied to provide our clients with all the necessary information for facilitating an efficient expansion to the Russian market and reaching Russian customers.