Representation in Russia

INCONA suggests a constant representation of  the GCC exporters’ products or services in the Russian market. The specifics of business culture in Russia implies the priority of personal contacts over any other forms of communication. Russian entrepreneurs appreciate personal contacts and regular live connections.

INCONA has offices both in the UAE (Dubai) and in Russia (Moscow). We offer an opportunity to steadily present a company’s products in the Russian market. A constant focal point in Russia will be created based on the INCONA office in Moscow. A dedicated employee will be appointed in charge of promoting a client company and communicating with its actual and potential investors in Russia and/or other countries of the Eurasian Economic Union. The scope of continuous work will include:

  • Direct work with potential investors, partners and customers; 
  • Constant maintenance and extension of existing and potential clients’ and partners’ databases
  • Regular promotion of a company’s products or services at business events (conferences, webinars and seminars, exhibitions);
  • And other services, depending on a company’s demands.

Constant company presence and regular activities, oriented on the target audience in Russia, contribute to raising awareness about the company’s products or services, allow to build and increase loyalty to the brand, which results in sales growth.