Marketing Services

Having made a decision to enter the Russian market, every company should take into consideration the fact that almost all sectors / industries here can be characterized as highly competitive. Given that, the next step in a foreign company’s expansion ought to be a marketing strategy development.

Our experts have profound knowledge in a large number of industries. Every sector has its peculiarities which need to be considered, while developing a marketing strategy. An optimal strategy should include such parts as: 

  • Defining SMART goals of a client company’s marketing activities in Russia;
  • Defining its target audience, using different marketing tools;
  • Defining unique selling propositions for its products or services;
  • Defining target regions for promotion and sales of a client company’s products or services, based on results of relevant analyses;
  • Defining marketing tools and channels for promotion in Russia; 
  • Developing a marketing plan with estimations of costs, schedules of activities and KPIs.

Marketing services provided by INCONA to the GCC private companies and administrations include launching digital marketing campaigns, organizing and holding promotional events (both online and offline), adapting client companies’ materials to the Russian market and its target audience, promoting them in the media and other activities, depending on a company’s demands.

To note that, marketing is an effective way to attract customers and increase sales. It helps to build and maintain a positive business reputation with partners and customers. Finally, marketing is essential in competitive industries and is used in order to distinguish a company’s products or services and stand out among competitors.