Alexey Busev took part in the International teleconference MOSCOW-GCC 2022 in the Press Center of INA «Russia Today»



On May 18, 2022, the International Teleconference MOSCOW-GCC 2022 took place in the Press Center of INA «Russia Today». Alexey Busev, Chairman of the Commission for Cooperation with the GCC countries of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry and CEO of INCONA, took part in it as a speaker.

Alexey made a presentation at the round table «Agro-industrial sector: a recipe for success». He spoke about the current situation in the region, about the balanced approach of partners from the UAE and other GCC countries to Russia. Busev noted the growth of cooperation, as well as interest from the Gulf countries in Russian business, which can be seen by the presence of Russian goods on the shelves of stores in the Middle East.

Алексей выступил с презентацией на круглом столе «Агропромышленный сектор: рецепт успеха»

Alexey Busev also spoke about the features of the GCC, about the development of the region and that such countries of the region as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman are promising markets for Russian companies, that they are interested in cooperation with Russian business.

Alexey paid special attention to the practical aspects of exports to the GCC countries, presented an algorithm for working in the Gulf market. He spoke about the Pavilion of Russian Food Products in Dubai, which is successfully managed by INCONA, about its activities to promote Russian products in the UAE market. At the end of the speech, Alexey answered the questions of those present.

Инкона на телемосте MOSCOW — GCC 2022

The MOSCOW-GCC 2022 international teleconference is aimed at identifying the interests of Arab partners in cooperation with Moscow industrial companies, as well as at building up international cooperation and partnership. It was organized by the Department of Investment and Industrial Policy of the city of Moscow, the Center for Export, Industry and Investment Support «Mosprom». The teleconference was attended by the heads of Moscow’s industry departments, foreign partners and business representatives of the GCC countries, expert practitioners, Russian and metropolitan companies.