Director General of INCONA shared practical aspects of working in the MENA region at the Tech Conference



The country’s largest TECH WEEK Сonference dedicated to innovative technologies for solving business problems was held at the Skolkovo Technopark in Moscow. It was visited by more than 3 200 people. The conference was organized by the Corporation «Synergy».

For three days, over 300 experts and representatives of large companies spoke in the conference halls. More than 120 companies presented their products. In an informal setting, startups had the opportunity to communicate with large companies and offer them their innovative developments.

The business program of the Conference consisted of 20 thematic streams, including construction and real estate, exports to international markets (Latin America, Asia and MENA) and practical experience in using domestic software. The visitors took part in networking sessions, practical exercises, brainstorming sessions, and also received expert recommendations. 

On November 28, Alexey Busev, Director General of INCONA, took part as a speaker at the session «Go MENA: MENA Countries and the Middle East». He shared with business representatives practical recommendations on entering the markets of the MENA countries and talked about the cultural aspects of doing business in Arab countries.