INCONA conducted a business mission for St. Petersburg companies in the UAE


From September 20 to 22, 2022, a delegation of St. Petersburg entrepreneurs held work in Dubai, which included the following six companies: «Elesta» (Russian security systems), «SOLVO» (software), «ROBBO» (robotics), «TOUCH Production» (charging stations for electric vehicles), «Laser center» (laser processing systems), «Viarsim» (VR products).

Within three days, the delegation members held more than 60 meetings with potential partners of each of the companies, organized jointly by Incona and the St. Petersburg Export Support Center.

In addition, our delegation, including Alexey Busev, General Director of Incona, and his deputy Eugene Golotsan, met with Andrey Terekhin, Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in the UAE, who made recommendations for each of the companies present on working with Arab business.

Following the results of the business visit, the first agreements were reached on the future cooperation of St. Petersburg entrepreneurs and Arab contractors. At the moment, negotiations are underway on supplies.