INCONA held a seminar for small and medium-sized businesses in St. Petersburg


The topic of the seminar: «Entering the foreign market. The experience of Russian companies in the Gulf countries.» The seminar was conducted by Alexey Busev, General Director of INCONA.

A. Busev spoke about the work peculiarities of foreign companies in the United Arab Emirates and other countries of the Gulf. In this region, Russian companies may be particularly interested in the supply of food and chemical products, services in the oil and gas industry, electric power, water treatment, and information technology.

Alexey Busev mentioned about the peculiarities of market regulation in the UAE and other countries of the Gulf. According to him, in the United Arab Emirates, the market is regulated by regulations and standards borrowed from European countries, the United States and other developed economies. Alexey Busev said that, as a rule, in order to participate in tenders, foreign companies need to have appropriate certificates confirming their competence.

A. Busev believes that the services and products of Russian companies are competitive in the local market. However, in order to do business in the UAE and other Gulf countries, domestic enterprises need to adapt to international standards and regulations. Without this, it will be difficult for Russians to enter not only the Gulf market, but also the markets of other regions of the world.

According to Maxim Sklyarenko, one of the participants of the seminar, the Head of the Continental Group company, he was interested in the potential opportunity to work in the UAE market. The company «Continental Group» specializes in providing services in the IT sector. It is this sector that is now dynamically developing in the Arab Emirates. There is potentially a high demand for technologies and skills of Russian companies in the local market.