Online conference with representatives of the IT sector


The online conference “Dubai Global Partnership Series: Russia” was held on Tuesday, May 25. It was organized by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry in partnership with the Russia — UAE Business Council and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

At his opening remarks the President and CEO of the Dubai CCI Hamad Bouamim noted that the bilateral cooperation between the UAE and Russia is going underway. 550 Russian companies have opened their offices in Dubai, he said. Hamad Bouamim added that Russian IT companies have a lot to offer for the UAE business, especially, in the field of information security, artificial intelligence and blockchain.

The participants of the conference were also greeted by the Vice President of the Russian CCI Maxim Fateev. According to Fateev, the interest of Russian IT companies in activities in Dubai is growing. This is facilitated by the development of free economic zones, a favorable business climate, the opportunity to consider Dubai as a platform for further work with the countries of the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Oceania.

The speeches by Russian and Emirati dignitaries were followed by a panel discussion “Connecting Markets through Technology and Innovation”. Alexey Busev, Executive Director of the Russia — UAE Business Council and General Director of INCONA, reminded that the last meeting of the Council was devoted to cooperation in IT. He noted that the UAE is a window, a platform for entering other markets, and the volume of Russian companies in Dubai is constantly growing.