The CEO of INCONA spoke on the air of the Mediametrix radio station


On the 2oth of October 2017, the CEO of INCONA, Alexey Busev, spoke live on the Mediametrix radio station. Alexey Busev’s speech in general was devoted to the specifics of doing business in the UAE and the Gulf countries.

During his speech, Alexey Busev, who also holds the position of Chairman of the Commission of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Cooperation with the UAE, spoke about the significant – political and economic – rapprochement of Russia with the countries of the Gulf, which has been taking place in the last few years. One of the recent and most striking evidences of the active establishment of relations between our countries is the recent visit to Russia of the King of Saudi Arabia – a «unique event» for the recent history of our country.

The CEO of INCONA pointed to the UAE’s special position among the Gulf countries: for the rest of the world, the Emirates are a kind of «showcase» of the countries of the entire Middle East. For a number of reasons, the UAE is of particular importance to Russia.

Alexey Busev refuted the well-established opinion about the Emirates as a country focused mainly on oil and gas production. Thus, thanks to competent leadership, a consistent policy of diversification has been implemented in the UAE and is already bearing fruit. Currently, revenues from the oil and gas sector account for only a small share of revenues to the Emirati economy.

The Chairman of the ICCI Commission for Cooperation with the UAE spoke in detail about the opportunities for the export of Russian companies to the Emirates. Alexey Busev gave a detailed description of each of the areas of interest to domestic exporting companies. At the same time, among the most interesting areas of cooperation, he singled out the following: food, IT, security systems, infrastructure projects, the oil and gas sector, etc.

During his speech, Alexey Busev also introduced radio listeners to the key aspects of doing business in the UAE. At the same time, he focused on the legal and customs aspects of doing business in the Emirates. Among other things, the CEO of INCONA spoke about the specifics of registration and taxation of foreign companies, both on the territory and outside the Free Economic Zones of the UAE.