The General Director of INCONA took part in a meeting with representatives of the Government of Dubai, held at the site of the CCI of the Russian Federation


On September 15, a delegation of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia headed by Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation Georgy Petrov met with a delegation of the United Arab Emirates headed by First Deputy Director General of the Dubai Department of Economics Said Ali Ibrahimi. Along with representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and Economics from the Russian side, Alexey Busev, who holds the position of General Director of INCONA and Chairman of the Commission for Foreign Economic Cooperation with Partners in the UAE of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, took part in the meeting.

From the Emirati side, the event was attended by the Director General of the Dubai Export organization Al Awadi, the General Director of the Emirates Industry For Camel Milk&Products company Syed Bin Sabeikh and others. A delegation of Emirati companies arrived in Moscow to establish trade and economic relations with Russian partners.

During the meeting, the great potential of business cooperation between Russia and the UAE was noted, especially in the fields of trade and tourism. In addition, investment cooperation in the field of fuel and energy, industrial cooperation, agriculture and transport is actively developing.

Alexey Busev noted that cooperation between the business circles of Russia and the United Emirates is gaining momentum, an increasing number of Russian enterprises are opening their representative offices in the UAE, domestic companies supply food and various types of equipment to the Emirati market. According to A. Busev, the company’s registration in Dubai and other emirates opens up broad prospects for entering and working in the markets of other countries of the Gulf.

Russian regions are also attracting more and more business attention in the UAE. Tatarstan and Yakutia are already actively cooperating with Emirati investors. A number of other Russian regions (including the Rostov Region, Krasnodar Territory, Tula Region, Belgorod Region and Primorsky Krai) have prepared specific investment projects awaiting consideration by the Emirati partners.

On the same day, a presentation-conference «Trading with Dubai» was held at the CCI of the Russian Federation, in which Alexey Busev also took part. In addition to him, the event was attended by Vladimir Strashko, Vice President of the RF CCI, Ali Ibrahim Muhammad, Deputy Director General of the Dubai Department of Economic Development, as well as representatives of the Middle East and Africa Department of the Department of Foreign Economic Relations of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Dubai Exports Department and the management of a number of Dubai companies.

The participants of the event were presented with a detailed presentation of the Dubai Exports agency, which described the main activities and tasks of this organization.

During the conference, the strategic nature of the partnership between Russia and the UAE was emphasized, the presence of close cooperation at the level of the highest executive authorities was reported, the mechanism of work of the intergovernmental commission of Russia and the UAE and industry working groups was described. The Emirati side noted the growing interest of Russian business in the UAE, among other things, this is reflected in the increased number of registrations of companies in Dubai and other emirates.

At the conclusion of both meetings, representatives of the UAE delegations held presentations on their business opportunities. In addition, business negotiations were held between business representatives of Russia and Dubai.