The magazine «Business Emirates» published an article by INCONA’s General Director on the investment potential of the UAE


In his article «The UAE: Investments in sustainable Development» Alexey Busev focuses on the reasons for the stable development of the UAE, the macroeconomic situation in the country, as well as the competitive advantages of the Arab Emirates.

In 2009, the United Arab Emirates, relying on accumulated financial resources, was able to overcome the consequences of the global economic crisis without losing its investment attractiveness. During the events of the Arab Spring, the UAE attracted significant amounts of investment from the Middle East and North Africa.

Alexey Busev notes that the UAE authorities create the most favorable conditions for attracting international business to the UAE.

The key advantages of the Arab Emirates, according to the author of the article, are economic and political stability, developed infrastructure, and the financial system. The leaders in terms of attracted foreign direct investment are the oil and gas industry, the development sector, the real estate market, the trade and logistics sector, the industrial production sector, tourism and transport.