Webinar «Opportunities to promote Russian food products in the UAE and other Gulf countries»


On September 6, 2022, an open webinar was held on «Opportunities for promoting Russian food products in the UAE and the Persian Gulf countries». The event was organized by Incona with the support of the Russian Export Center.

Within the framework of the international online consultation, the issues of promoting Russian food products in the market of the United Arab Emirates and the Persian Gulf countries were discussed. Alexey Busev, Chairman of the Commission of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Foreign Economic Cooperation with Partners in the UAE and CEO of INCONA, spoke at the event.

The guests of the webinar discussed the specifics of the export of food products by Russian enterprises, as well as the main channels for promoting food products in the markets of the UAE and other Gulf countries, including the REC program for promoting agricultural products through demonstration and tasting pavilions. At the end of the meeting, the participants asked their questions to Alexey Busev.