Meeting of the Russian President Vladimir Putin with the UAE President Mohammed Al Nahyan


On October 11, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and President of the United Arab Emirates Mohammed Al Nahyan met in St. Petersburg.

According to Vladimir Vladimirovich, relations between Russia and the UAE are «developing very successfully» and are an important factor of stability in the region, «despite all the complexity of today’s relations in the world.» He cited as an example the growth of trade turnover between the two countries, which in 2021 amounted to 65%, and in 2022 — 17%.

The Embassy of the Emirates, in turn, said that the visit of the President of the UAE testifies to the strong friendly relations linking the country with Russia. According to the diplomatic department, the UAE «believes in the need to maintain dialogue in the name of strengthening and developing friendly relations that serve the interests of both countries.»