The BRICS+ Business Communications Support Fund has signed an agreement with the REBC


The BRICS+ Business Communications Support Fund has signed an agreement with the Russian-Emirates Business Council (REBC). The Foundation was represented by Mikhail Sverdlov, First Deputy Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the BRICS+ MF. The REBC was represented by the Executive Director Alexey Busev.

«Within the framework of the agreement with the REBC, we intend to jointly form the agenda of international cooperation and thereby expand business contacts. The UAE can become not only a business, financial, but also a technological center in the Middle East region. Today, the United Arab Emirates is a respected partner for Russia. We have a lot of points for interaction, we see good prospects for business development with the countries of the Arab world. And as you know, business is a universal language for international cooperation. Therefore, now that BRICS is becoming a new economic force, new partners are especially important.» — commented Mikhail Sverdlov.

«The agreement with the BRICS+ Business Communications Foundation is a great opportunity for REBC to expand the scope of its professional activities and find new business partners not only in the UAE and the Gulf countries, but also in the BRICS member countries. Our long-term work on representation of interests and comprehensive assistance to Russian business in the UAE has become the basis for strengthening relations between our countries, and I am convinced that this agreement will serve to further develop mutually beneficial international cooperation.» — Alexey Busev noted.