The UAE and Saudi Arabia are leaders in the number of spendings on healthcare among the GCC countries


According to the report by Alpen Capital, the UAE and Saudi Arabia are leading the surge in healthcare spending in the, as the sector will reach $135.5 billion by 2027. The figures imply an annualized growth rate of 5.4% compared to $104.1 in 2022.

The GCC healthcare industry is currently at the stage of transition from curative care to a prevention model, and is also undergoing a significant digital transformation – investments in intelligent technologies are constantly expanding the list of medical services provided.

Organizations are developing strategic plans to set up data integration and use cross-functional capabilities that will not only strengthen their competitive advantage, but also contribute to the creation of integrated healthcare networks.

It is expected that significant investment programs in the infrastructure of the GCC countries and an increase in purchasing power will contribute to further growth in medical spending, the emergence of more private hospitals and the growth of medical tourism.